Interviews and collaboration
with friends and partners

Emil Schult
Sophia Schneider-Esleben

When the Kraftwerk vinyl cover

Trans Europe Express, designed by Emil Schult, becomes sustainable fashion.


Sophia Schneider-Esleben

exclusively for Ludwig Beck

Ludwig Beck has exclusively selected an ink drawing, a portrait of my grand cousins, which I had printed and produced on organic cotton with drinkable organic colors.

Interviews with mine  Partners

Emil Schult

Hello, good to see you!

Who are you and what are you doing?

I am Emil, a poet, painter, musician, hippie.

What does sustainability mean to you?

An ethical idea that I've been committed to all my life.

What is your utopia and how is your way there?

To meet the obligations of the cosmos with the knowledge of my life.

How did you get to know Sophia Schneider-Esleben?

Sophia is the daughter of Claudia, a friend from the academy time in D.dorf

What do you appreciate about the Sophia Schneider-Esleben label?

Well thought-out designs, unusual patterns, sustainable fabrics, all in all poetically timeless.

What is your Sophia Schneider-Esleben Fav?

Black sweater with Haniel garage print. :-)


Birgit Wissemann

Hello, good to see you!

Who are you and what are you doing?

For more than 25 years I have been able to do a job that gives me a lot of pleasure!

I am an agent and try to successfully bring small, loving labels with a very special signature onto the German market. This is challenging because everyone looks at fashion with their own eyes, has their own requirements and expectations and I have to walk the tightrope between my selection and the needs of the market and the designer.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Environmentally conscious production, compliance with social standards, longevity of clothing through quality and timeless design

What is your utopia and how is your way there?

I wouldn't use the word utopia. I'm too realistic for that, I look where the problems are and what can I do myself today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ... to improve something. Each of us in society is responsible for everyone's living conditions! That of people, animals, nature….

How did you get to know Sophia Schneider-Esleben?

Through Sophia :-)

What do you appreciate about the Sophia Schneider-Esleben label?

Your philosophy behind your label, the common thread in your collections

What is your Sophia Schneider-Esleben Fav?

My dress Helen Mare e Monti Blue, from FS 20 :-)

AWAKE Communications

Hello, good to see you!

Who are you and what are you doing?

Hello! We look forward to being part of this format! We are Geraldine and Sarah, the founders of AWAKE Communications, a communication agency with a focus on sustainable lifestyle brands. In concrete terms, this means that we support sustainable companies in the strategy and implementation of their external communication, especially in the areas of brand consulting, public relations, influencer relations and events.

What does sustainability mean to you?

  For us, sustainability means living in such a way that we use the available resources in an ecologically responsible manner, if necessary reprocess them, reforest them or bring them into a cycle in order to leave the same conditions on our planet for future generations as far as possible and as far as we can influence them. This also applies to social sustainability. We have to fight for good social standards that we can leave behind. Not just in Germany - worldwide. Because after all we are connected by this one earth on which we all live. At AWAKE Communications, we therefore support sustainable companies in their external communication in order to make them visible to the consumer. The economy has a strong lever, because it is above all the many millions of products that are manufactured and consumed every second around the world that have an enormous impact on us humans and our environment.

What is your utopia and how is your way there?

  We wish that in the future there will only be really sustainable products (as far as this is somehow possible) to buy in the shops. That is why we are also in favor of a strict supply chain law and radical transparency in the economy. The customer must know under what conditions and with what influence on nature and people products are manufactured. Anyone who does not have a sustainability strategy may no longer have a right to exist in the future. We are committed to this with our work at AWAKE Communications. By supporting those who want to make a real difference in tomorrow's economy and are authentically “green” and social. The makers and innovators of the coming economic generation, so to speak.

How did you get to know Sophia Schneider-Esleben?

We got to know and love Sophia Schneider-Esleben through our cooperation with Thekla Wilkening. We found out about Sophia's new collection on Instagram via Thekla's channel.

What do you appreciate about the Sophia Schneider-Esleben label?

We appreciate Sophia's thoroughly sustainable approach to running her label paired with the wonderful family history, which is reflected like a common thread in her designs.

What is your Sophia Schneider-Esleben Fav?

Geraldine: My Sophia Schneider-Esleben All Time Favorite is the Nina dress - preferably with the pigeon print.
Sarah: Wrap dresses with long sleeves flatter me, hence the Helena wrap dress in timeless white.



Christine Rogge

Hello, good to see you!

Who are you and what are you doing?

Hello, I'm Christine, mother of 2 teenagers and a photographer. I was born and raised in Hamburg and live with my family in Berlin.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Humanity is causing considerable damage to the earth with its consumer behavior.

For years, to be honest, I haven't really thought about what I consume and at whose expense, for example, clothes are produced. I am not a vegan, but I eat a vegetarian diet. I stopped eating meat almost 3 years ago and I really don't miss it at all. I also no longer drink cow's milk, but plant-based alternatives, in general I try

eat less animal products. At some point I no longer felt comfortable shopping for clothes. I try to avoid buying cheap mass-produced goods in textile chains and instead find a lot of vintage items. But then I could become a lot more conscious and consistent

What is your utopia and how is your way there?

To think utopian means for me to look forward imaginatively and courageously. A utopia must positively set itself apart from what we consider normal

Sustainability basically means that people no longer have resources

may use and consume than grow back, regenerate or in the future

can be provided. The individual cannot save the world, but must

do something anyway. I try to do my part to experience.

Small children do this every day when they are playing.

The basis of a utopia are our values, and I believe that we can address them with more

People share than we think. Who doesn't want justice and

Equality? I wish that we all have more patience to listen to each other

and appreciate. It is interesting that these are the values ​​from all sides

be demanded. So why not try a society based on this

to shape common values?

How did you get to know Sophia Schneider-Esleben?

I got to know the SSE label through my friend, the actress Clelia Sarto, who has already worn Sophias fashion at events. Personally, I met Sophia the day before our shoot and we had a very nice evening at the lake :)

What do you appreciate about the Sophia Schneider-Esleben label?

The fashion industry is considered the second largest polluter. SSE, on the other hand, makes vegan, sustainable and fairly produced fashion that doesn't look “eco-friendly” but looks great. classic, modern and a little romantic. I think Sophia's idea to include the work of her grandfather, the architect Paul Schneider Esleben, is great. This gives the collection a very personal character.

What is your Sophia Schneider-Esleben Fav?

at our shoot we had a skirt and a spaghetti strap top in delicate pink, I think that's my personal favorite look from Sophia Schneider Esleben.


Esther Roling

Hallo, schön, dass Du da bist! 

Wer bist Du und was machst Du?

Hallo Sophia! Ich freu mich auch sehr! 


Mein Name ist Esther Roling, ich bin Schauspielerin, Sprecherin und Mutter von zwei Kindern. Darüber hinaus bin ich schon viele Jahre im Bundesverband Schauspiel aktiv, setzte mich für die Arbeitsbedingungen von Schauspieler*innen ein und bin u.a. die Ansprechpartnerin für nachhaltigen Themen.

Hierzu habe ich Panels, Stammtische und Interviews veranstaltet. 

Zuletzt habe ich mich sehr gefreut, dass Max Gilgenmann (Neonyt) und Thekla Wilkening (Kleiderei) meine Idee aufgegriffen haben und die Prepeek - ein nachhaltiger Showroom auf der Neonyt in die Prepeek Statements @Berlinale - eine nachhaltige Ausstattung für Schauspieler auf der Berlinale - innerhalb von 4 Wochen auf die Beine gestellt haben. Auf diese Art haben sie uns Schauspielern ermöglicht den roten Teppich endlich grüner zu gestalten und uns auch die Möglichkeit gegeben ein Panel zum Thema: Nachhaltigkeit in der Film und Fernsehbranche abzuhalten, dass von den realisiert wurde.

Was bedeutet Nachhaltigkeit für Dich?

„Nachhaltig" bedeutet für mich ganz persönlich "treu".  

Meine 96 jährigen Oma lebt mir bis heute folgendes Kredo vor: „Jeden Tag ein bisschen für deinen Kopf, deinen Körper, deine Mit-menschen und für die Umwelt.“ 

Dabei versuche immer neugierig und vor allem positiv zu bleiben - auch wenn das etwas Geduld abverlangt und man manchmal lieber einfach wütend mit dem Fuss aufstampfen möchte! 

Was ist Deine Utopie und wie ist Dein Weg dahin?

Ich wünsche mir - wie wir alle natürlich eine sozial-ökologischen Transformation der Gesell-schaft in eine nachhaltige Zukunft. Gestützt werden muss sie von Innovation, angeleitet durch gute Kommunikation und angenehm erlebbar durch Zusammenarbeit und Zusammenhalt. 

Wie hast Du Sophia Schneider-Esleben kennengelernt?

Auf einer Fair Fashion Demonstration - Wo sonst?

Was schätzt Du am Label Sophia Schneider-Esleben?

Abgesehen von den wunderschönen Kleidern? 😉

Das SSE ein sozial und ökologisch nachhal-tiges Label ist, dass komplett transparent ko-mmuniziert.  

Genau genommen ist es aber die Geschichte der Familie, die Architektur und Designkunst ihres Großvaters Paul Schneider- Esleben übersetzt in Sophias Modedesign. Das hat mich von Anfang an begeistert und inspiriert. Diese Liebe, Treue und Verbundenheit, die man auch sofort bei Sophia und ihrer Mutter spürt, wenn man sie zusammen erlebt. Gelebte Familientradition - nur bei Schneider- Eslebens ist das immer mit Tanz, lachen und dieser besonderen kreativen crazyness verbunden.

Was ist Dein Sophia Schneider-Esleben Fav?

Ich liebe die "Marie" Kleider sehr und freue mich, wenn ich nach Corona mal wieder eines davon zb. auf eine Premiere - auf einen GRÜNEN TEPPICH - ausführen kann.